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Mold Remediation & Lead Paint Removal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Keep your family, customers, and employees safe, with mold remediation and lead paint removal from A & C Environmental Services Inc in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mold Removal

We provide mold removal for homes and businesses. Mold is caused by floods, leaks, and standing water. Some varieties of mold may be detrimental to breathing and even cause lung disease.

A & C Environmental Services Inc completely cleans and removes all mold. In addition, we perform installation of new drywall and remodeling after mold removal, if required. We stand by all of our work, and we're more than happy to come and correct any problems after the initial job. 

Lead-Based Paint Removal

In addition to mold removal, our team removes lead paint from your home or business. Lead-based paint may slow brain development in small children, causing permanent damage. Lead paint was used before 1980, and given the age of many buildings in Pennsylvania, your location may be contaminated.

Moldy Wall, Lead Paint Removal in Philadelphia, PA

A & C Environmental Services Inc removes or encapsulates lead paint. Our staff will discuss the benefits of both options during a free consultation, and then we perform the procedure you select. Should you choose not to have lead-based paint removed, then you should have your building monitored at least once a year to avoid health risks.

Contact us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to request a service in mold remediation and lead paint removal.